Los Angeles World Airports: Administrative Offices Relocation
Los Angeles, CA

Category: Aviation, Commercial & Retail

Carine operated as the Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) for Phase One of relocating approximately 80,000 usable square feet of administrative offices originally on-site at LAX, to locations off-site to make way for the Automated People Mover project. The relocation impacted multiple Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) divisions, including its existing 100 fixed-seat board room and the Office of the City Attorney. Carine’s responsibilities included design team management, overall project management, contractor and vendor procurement coordination, construction management, and move management for the multi-phase program. Phase 1 included master programming and the first phase of design & construction for 6,500 square feet of offices in LAWA’s Skyview Center. The project successfully relocated three divisions ahead of the fire marshal mandated deadline.

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