Faraday Future: New Auto Manufacturing Plant
Hanford, CA

Category: Automotive

Carine was the lead Project Manager for the design, agency negotiation and approval, and construction management for a new electric vehicle manufacturing plant in an existing one million square foot building. Carine led the design team through a fast-track design and permitting process for the Gamma Phase and developed bridging documents for the Two Jobs Per Day (2JPH) Phase for complete facility build-out. The facility included a new automated paint shop, body shop, drive train assembly, functional testing stations, support offices, and complete site improvements. The plant required complete replacement of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure, utility services, new roof, and new interior and exterior finishes. Carine coordinated building plan check and concurrent approvals for entitlements, including traffic study, a parking variance, and complex Conditions of Approval under a “change of use”. Individual permits were secured just-in-time to keep construction moving forward.

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